Ogawa Type52R 人氣小山屋

Ogawa x Autocamper

日本著名帳蓬品牌 Ogawa 小川帳「實體體驗營地」

營內提供移動式冷氣及電源Air conditioner and electricity are supplied

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TYPE52R 小山屋


Integrating fashion and life aesthetics into camping has become a stylish camping aesthetic.

香港人氣 Glamping

日本品牌 Ogawa Type 52R 小山屋帳,有著日系格紋窗設計,讓你彷彿走進山中小屋。

The japanese brand Ogawa Type 52R tent has the traditional japnese window design, like walking into a little cottage.



Exquisite and luxurious decoration, you can take pictures of the beauty of the tent from any angle!


Ogawa 品牌在1914年於日本東京誕生,以專業製造帳篷/帆布/背包的小川治兵衛商店為起源。 

The Ogawa brand was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1914. It originated from the Ogawa Jihei store specializing in manufacturing tents/canvases/backpacks.

Ogawa 小川帳


那時候日本並未普及Outdoor Camp,Ogawa卻早已積極開發先進設計帳篷,如於1930年推出現款Pilz系列之原形“八錐形天幕”。Ogawa品牌漸漸受到歐美市場的肯定,並帶動了日本帳篷業界。 

At that time, Outdoor Camp was not popular in Japan, but Ogawa had already been actively developing advanced design tents, such as the original "eight-cone canopy" of the current Pilz series launched in 1930. The Ogawa brand has gradually been recognized by the European and American markets, and has driven the Japanese tent industry.


With a history of more than 100 years, Ogawa has innovated in tradition over the years, brewing a unique design style and creating a unique camping aesthetic.

Type 52R 小山屋豪華露營
Ogawa Glamping


Provide guests with the most high-quality camping aesthetic experience.
Perfect for birthdays and anniversaries! (The layout in the picture below is arranged by the guest)




Type 52R / Type 78R (卡其色) : $2,200 /2個人連1泊車
適合親子 (最多三人),加位每位$500


Type 52R T/C (白色) : $2,200 /2個人連1泊車


 5 - 9 月限定,夏日優惠$1,580!



Type 52R / Type 78R (Khaki) : $2,200 /2ppl & 1 car parking

Extra people $500, Max 3 ppl (Suitable for a family of 3)

Type 52R (White) : $2,200 /2ppl & 1 car parking

No Extra people (Suitable for couple)

From May to Sep, we are doing Summer discount $1,580



以及以下裝備 The following gears are included:


  • Ogawa 52R 帳 Tent
  • 天幕 Tarp
  • 露營桌 Camping table
  • 露營椅 Camping chair
  • 煮食爐 Gas stove
  • 燒烤爐 BBQ pit
  • 餐具 Tableware & cutlery 
  • 調味料 Seasoning 
  • 冰桶 Ice bucket 
  • 營燈 Camping light
  • 床褥及被鋪 Set of bedding 
  • 氣氛燈 String lights
  • 移動冷氣 Portable air conditioner
  • 家用電源 Electricity supplies
  • 桌上遊戲 Board game 



1. 煮食爐會贈送Gas 一支,BBQ爐不包炭和叉。

2. 請客人自行帶備個人衛生物品,如牙膏牙刷、毛巾 等等

3. 客人可自備食物或找我們代訂露營燒烤Package (請提前5天與我們預訂)

4. 基於清潔理由,暫時不接受寵物入帳 (78R 除外) 。

5. 入營時需繳交按金$500

6. 入場時間:3:00pm, 離場時間:12:00am



1. We will provide one gas for each group of customer, BBQ charcoal & fork will not be included. Customer may purchase in the campsite. 

2. Please bring your own personal hygiene items, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, etc.

3. Guests can bring their own food or book a BBQ food package through us (please contact us at least 5 days in advance)

4. Due to cleaning reasons, pets are temporarily not accepted.(Except 78R)

5. A security deposit is required at check-in: $500

6. Check in: 3:00pm, Check out: 12:00pm


查詢及預約 Enquiry & Reservation:

WhatsApp 69304334



You may also book directly from below link

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