Front Runner

Adventurer’s Top Gear

“FRONT RUNNER” is the world leading manufacturer of off-road activity products originated from South Africa. The products are frequently used by campers and adventurers in harsh environments around the world. The state of the art design, ultimate capability, and unbeatable durability are the reasons “SLIMLINE II” roof racks are largely used in professional adventure fleets, safari tour guides, and natural documentary TV shooting vehicles.

SLIMLINE II is the 2nd generation of FRONT RUNNER roof racks provide users a complete “PLATFORM” with over 50 rack accessories as options to match everyone’s activity demand. Thanks to the flat but strong structure, the additional height after installing SLIMLINE II is very low-profile which allows users still be able to enter basements and parkings, but the extremely lightweight configuration extends the possibility of carrying more loads, gears, and personal equipments.

We are proud in providing a complete solution with a collection of tents, drawers, and camping systems. FRONT RUNNER cares what you want and how you use it, a market leading WARRANTY policy is applied to all FRONT RUNNER products. The CAD designed products are building up the world-class reputation supported by FRONT RUNNER professional engineering team, and skilled craftsman in FRONT RUNNER ISO-9001:2015 Certified factory.

FRONT RUNNER has rich lineup of products for M-Benz and Land Rover as well as Toyota, Suzuki, and all the iconic SUV and 4x4 vehicles. Now, join FRONT RUNNER as one of the big family around the world!